Top 10 Things You Must Do Before You Die


Every man dies on this earth, no one is Immortal. The people who fear death are those who regrets it. Each and every person on this earth want to have things before he die. Before you die you need to do 10 things which will make your life full of adventure and entertainment.


Travelling around the world

Travelling is the best activity to learn and expose us to new cultures, meet new people and experience the new wonders of the world. It broaden our mind & let us move out of our comfort zone.


Go under Sea to experience Marine Life

Humans spent their most of the life on land, yet there is a whole world under the sea full of terrestrial habitats and different creatures in the vast deep ocean.

Sky Diving

Sky diving is an experience once in a lifetime. This kind of experience is different from all as one has to jump from certain height and can see the whole city or town at once.

Starting your business

Starting a new business is uncertain but it is fun and rewarding. We can start a new business by being Smart, diligent and persistent in the field we want to start our business.

Sing to the Audience

Singing is the passion that should not be kept to yourself. One should organize an event and perform singing. Singing shouldn’t be limited to the bathroom.

Win a lucky draw

The chances of Winning in a lottery is very less. But if we won a luck draw it is the joy winning moment for us and an enjoyable too.

Act in a film

We grow up watching movies and dream of doing acting in films. Working in such field will enhance our new skills and communication.

Creating your Dream home

We live in our home for half of our life. We should make our home beautiful and inspirational so that it would make our soul comfortable.

Overcome your Biggest Fear

Everyone has some fear in his life. Overcoming fear is like winning a battle with yourself.

Meet some you dream of always

There are people in this world we want to meet but meet only in dreams. Make it happen to meet your dream person and live a day with your dream person.


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