9 Reasons Why Nice Guys Always Get Friendzoned


Why is it that girls continually opt for the douchebag over the great guy? And you can not extremely blame her. when you favor to be the great guy, you assume the primary spot in this alarming friendzone. dear nice guys, here’s what you’ll be doing wrong!

1. You’re slightly too available—to the extent that she most likely doesn’t even appreciate it any longer. There’s completely no chase concerned, which is precisely why she takes you for a granted.


2. Being someone’s confidant is one factor, however changing into an area of her girl gang is another. You’re most likely trifling discussing each small issue in her life, disposition ears to her useless rants after you extremely ought to be stepping up and doing one thing concerning your feelings.


3. you are attempting too hard to please her. Your life revolves round her approval. If you accept as true with her on each damn factor only for the sake of it, do no matter she asks you to, you’ve virtually signed up to be her doormat for the remainder of your life. In your efforts to please her, you’re solely showing that you just lack a powerful temperament. Can’t extremely blame her for thinking of you as a person of no opinions, can you?


4. If you think that being unnecessarily nice to her goes to earn you brownie points, you’re badly mistaken. She’d well be with somebody WHO doesn’t live to impress her or get her attention. keep in mind that she doesn’t essentially wish you to be ‘nice’, that’s simply what you think that works. Be quite a sort person!


5. You offer her approach an excessive amount of good thing about doubt. Once she is aware of you’re completely okay together with her being unreasonable, she’s going to begin taking advantage of it. That’s natural human tendency.


6. You’re most likely too afraid to form a move and quite honestly, no one likes cowards! No woman desires to this point a man WHO cannot even speak his mind. And trust US, if you are doing not build the proper move at the proper time, it all fizzles out for the woman.


7. The ‘nice guys’ have this annoying habit of giving unsought recommendation, reminding individuals what’s wrong and what’s right and admittedly, a mother is the last thing ladies look for in partners. no one appreciates ethical lectures, to be honest.


8. You get friendzoned as a result of you let ladies friendzone you – as straightforward as that. There’s a distinction between being nice and being spineless. If you ne’er object to being place into the friendzone, you’re most likely ne’er obtaining out of it.


9. And here we tend to return to the last and therefore the most significant reason why nice guys get friendzoned – as a result of they favor to be boring! You detected that right. Nice guys area unit ne’er as exciting as different men. below the constant pressure of earning the label of a ‘nice guy’ they stop being fun! each woman appearance for excitement, thrill and journey out of a relationship and therefore the nice guy is simply the alternative of that. no one wants an individual WHO reminds them of their boring, mundane lives!


So, get the hint and begin over


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