Most Beautiful Day of Bride Life

bridal makeup beautiful day of life

When we go to a marriage ceremony we look at the bride and think how pretty she is looking, this is everyone thought for any bride but did you know that  brides are different from one another region, a bride means what who is going to start a new life with the person known or unknown, but therefore she is happy ,for that  she looks like a queen on that day,why? Because this is her most important day of life..

We know that India has different states and world has different countries , so when we go to a ceremony we find differ from one another, if you go to south India there bridal makeup is simple, the bride don’t cover her head with saree, but when you come to the north you will see that bride have to cover up her head with saree .

 Well if we talk about makeups don’t forget about the different religion in our earth like Christian,Hindu,Muslim,Sikh and many others which we may don’t know , but what ever it is there, brides are always beautiful. If we come to Hindu girl she have to wear sarees in her marriage most probably there color are red but in Gujarat it is white, moving on Christian they wear  beautiful gowns like a doll have a bouquet in her hand,in Muslim and Sikh they wear salwar kameez .

Whatever it is but the truth is that a girl who become bride  looks most beautiful  on her special day called marriage…..


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