healthy diet is wealthy diet

We people lives in modern age with the busy life we should stay healthy for this, but are we really healthy? When we ask this question you started thinking about it, why? Here is the answer.

We know that we have to work fast and nicely that our boss don’t have any issue with us, but somehow we fine that we are giving all our energy to our work but don’t find that much appreciation we find there some are happen every day like when you are working you feel like sleepy or you are feeling restless. Did you have think of it, no? Then you should when you find out you seen that because of your unhealthy diet you are facing this type of problems with your health.

When we wake up in the morning we don’t think that what are we eating or what should we take, you see in past days there are so many people but they stay healthy why? Because they know what does a health means to.

As per our grandparents a healthy diet means full belly or in local language eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a president, dinner like a pawns. Well you are in modern age but don’t forget that health means everything. So be healthy


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