Today’s EATING HABITS and Why It Need To Be Changed?


Burgers, noodles, chow-min and pizza they are yummy right? Yes they are. welcome to our new age of eating. The name mentioned up there are modern age food which are known as fast or yummy food.

When we look at the past we find, that normal eating habits are gone so far our grandparents use to eat solid food which keep them healthy and active. Yes that foods are not so yummy but simple and elegant. With the foody senses are changed.

We if talk about food or eating habits there come many things in it like in past days mothers cook rest of all eats they don’t have this junk foods children have to sit with all family then eat. Firstly the guardian means, male member of the family gets meal then women.

But as the passes and this food habits are also gone away now we eat alone when we are hungry there are no more rules and now in families mothers don’t use to cook they just work for money and do other works for children. Children like this fast food rather than those healthy food.

Parents have to more careful with their eating because what they do their children will learn. Changing is not everything so keep eating habits as your grandparents have.


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